Kamis, 14 Juli 2016

bunk bed design

Hi greeting, how are you today, I hope you are fine then I am so happy that I can share inspiration again to all my reader. Today’s topic is about bunk bed idea actually making bunk bed design in great design. To make your bunk bed matching each other you need to explore simple things into the great harmony. This time I would like to share about bunk bed that best work in your home, as we know bunk bed used in big family that need extra bed however they have no another room for making new bedroom. So you can use old room to be new bedroom with using bunk bed.

Before you chose the right bunk bed for your home you need to make sure what size of your room then combine with your bunk bed. I have suggestion to create bunk bed with the modern design that using simple things become big differences. Bunk bed in the modern thing with making simple thing to be useful such as storage in your bunk bed. It will be very useful if you can create bunk bed in many function. Then to make bunk bed more unique you can design bunk bed that adopting from movie cartoon.

Combining smart design will create your bunk bed more elegant not only for kids but also adult can use it in the bedroom. It is very exciting when your bunk bed can give you smart storage like cabinet, bookshelf, and bed. It can be created when you know how to design it and I have some examples to bring to your home. As we know bunk bed have some advantages if we want use it like space saving and it is very economical. Now you make bunk bed become like your expected start from the bunk bed kinds. Choosing bunk bed that suitable with your design classic, luxury, and modern each of these have benefits. When you want to make elegant bunk bed using luxury model it will give you perfect design. Then you like something modern you can try make it in your home with combining of furniture, rugs, and cabinet.

Adult likely cozy you can try bring the retro and cozy to bedroom by using bunk bed that I think it is very perfect adding some stuff and paint the wall also using lighting effect you make your dream. Now, calculate your budget even though it is not very expensive budget in other hand you need to make price list in order to keep your bank account not lost too much. Now let you improve your idea of making bunk bed by see my gallery of bunk bed idea.

Rabu, 13 Juli 2016

best bunk bed

Hi everyone welcome to my article first of all I would like to say thanks a lot because you are being my follower until this time. As usual I will explain about bunk bed, because it is very useful when you have no enough space with using bunk bed you can maximize your space. Designing bedroom using bunk bed maybe so difficult because we can’t explore more in large furniture but we can maximize our interior in the small space. As we know using bunk bed is suitable when you have big family and need more extra bed.

Before you choose the right bunk bed you should prepare and write your space capacity then make sure how many furniture can use in your room. Using the right size is should be done to avoid your design will be crowded looks. Then consider your theme such as making sketch before the project start. You need to make concept about your design starting from making planning, consider your style, and budget accumulation. Consider your style it means you take modern, classic, or minimalist style. It is important to bring your style in your design then bringing your style will support your design then finally you have great design of bunk bed surface.

Now let you think about your theme, as we know bunk bed used either children or adult so you should consider this design will be suitable to their background. For instance you will prepare bedroom using bunk bed for your child then making bunk bed in the child world like create print movie cartoon in the wall then you take bunk bed in the cartoon fells. Designing bunk bed is not only in monotonous just for maximize your space but also making bunk bed in the best design to bring comfortable and wonderful. Adding ornament will give big differences so you need selection your ornament supporting your theme.

In the end, whatever your design it should be based on your budget calculation it means each part of your design including in your price list. So people should be preparing long day before you try to do your project. When you want to design certain room then you should search many reference to make your design perfectly. Here I have a number of photos about bunk bed that are very unique and wonderful design. 

model bunk bed

Find your bunk bed model here, because I have several image of bunk bed idea to be your design in a home. Sometimes we need extra bed to accommodate more bedding in bedroom then bunk bed is not spending your space so why it is great solution. Bunk bed can be designed in wonderful design if you matching several thing into nice harmony. As we know bunk bed is used in dormitory, ship even in the prison because bunk bed is very simple and also can be accommodate more sleeper without spend much space. Let us give you some suggestion to make bunk bed but keep in great design by focus on several aspect it can give you great atmosphere.

Firstly we need matching your space into the right size of bunk bed, as we know not all bunk beds fit in every space. You need to make sure your bunk bed will suitable in your space because too big or too small is uncomfortable then your room will be crowded feel. Then you should consider your color background then combine to other furniture. Next you need to map your room that including in several furniture. Using bunk bed should be considering the materials kind that suitable in your budget and design it means you get nice materials to support your idea, such as using wooden bunk bed to give you more natural thing.

On the other hand we need to think about who will use your bunk bed because age and sex will influence in your design surface. When you want to create bedroom using bunk bed for teenager girl you need to consider about your color and other ornament in feminism. It is important to create something based on their like, furthermore adding several doll will be interesting. In other word when you want to design bedroom using bunk bed for child you can adopt movie cartoon as your theme. Children like colorful so you need think about it to give you perfect design in their bedroom that using bunk bed.

Finally I just to mention the last suggestion that preparing your budget then make sure you can use your budget based on your design. It will be very important step in your design so making price list is necessary. Hence bunk bed need maximize preparation so you need to explore your idea and search much more idea of bunk bed so I would like to share several photos of bunk bed.